NEW: alwitra roof edge trim profile TW 125 plus – reduction to the essential

With its new roof edge trim profile TW 125 plus, alwitra presents an interesting version for a reduced roof edge trim.

Reduced to the essential, the new profile provides for a reliable and compliant formation of the roof edge trim in a modern design. By shifting the flashing against the roof waterproofing towards the roof area, a visually reduced roof edge is formed. At the same time, as the new profile has a visible front height of 62.5 mm, a façade or an integrated thermal insulation system can be covered by 50 mm.

TW 125 plus is a two-part, noncorrosive extruded aluminium profile. It consists of 2.50 m long TW 125 profiles with perforated bearing limbs, which can be joined using corrugated joint connections, and the also 2.50 m long top caps. The inserted connectors are rain-proof and remain permanently positioned at the center of the seam. The rigid bearing limb is used for both preventing wind intrusion and absorbing horizontal forces of the waterproofing, i. e. for linear fastening.



The cover profiles are available in different varieties corresponding to the roofing materials installed. Furthermore, ready-to-install internal and external corners as well as end fittings are available for the new roof edge trim profile.

Naturally, the new roof edge trim profile TW 125 plus is equipped with the tested and proven for decades, permanently waterproof and tension-free flashing against the roof waterproofing typical for alwitra. To this end, the flashing sheet is placed loosely between the TW and the cover profile and not clamped. Thus, temperature-induced changes of the profile length will not have any negative impact on the flashing sheet. In addition, the S-shaped form of the flashing sheet in combination with a projection of more than 50 mm above the waterproofing provide for maximum overflow protection.


The new profile TW 125 plus can be used at all roof edges with upstands or at roof edges with edge boards. The TW 125 plus is optionally available with a synthetic coating in RAL colours, anodised or in natural aluminium.