– increasing user numbers with digital service

alwitra GmbH, the flat roof pioneer from Trier, Germany continues to expand its leadership position with its digital services. In the field of digital “Service + Tools”, a comprehensive revision of product data was carried out. In addition further tools have been developed and existing functionalities noticeably expanded. Since the introduction of “Service + Tools” on our website, more than 1,500 files are individually configured and downloaded each month, increasingly.

Combination of product configurator and tender databases

With the newly provided link between product configurator and tender databases, the corresponding tender texts can be generated in common formats directly from the numerous product configurators. In addition, depending on the state of planning, CAD details and product data can be selected in five different degrees of detail (LOD), from the concept phase to the construction documentation. This reduces load times and file sizes significantly while increasing ease of use. CAD details are still available in all common 2D and 3D drawing formats as well as the product data sheet as 3D-PDF.

Extensive expansion – of course free of charge

Not least because of the suggestion of regular users, alwitra has completely redesigned roof edge, parapet and wall end configurators. 3D details for the roof edge, attic or wall connection can be created online in just a few clicks. Thanks to the connection to the tender database, tender texts for the configured detail can also be output here. Digital construction has a particularly high priority for alwitra as innovation leader.

With the full extension of the Service + Tools section, product and CAD data can be made as user-friendly and unique as never before. Registration for “Service + Tools” area is easy and convenient at The use of the configurators, CAD and BIM data is of course free of charge for new and registered users.