Paving slab support

Paving slab supports

Dry, loose-laid slab floor coverings with open joints on terraces and balconies with waterproofing are installed on alwitra paving slab supports.

Paving slab supportsThrough the 6 mm wide open joints between the slabs, rainwater will drain using the shortest possible way, the paving slab surface will dry very quickly. Rainwater outlets are hidden under the slabs installed on supports. Paving slabs installed on supports will enhance footfall sound insulation for living space below.
The paving slab supports are located beneath the cross joint of four slabs. The four rests of the paving slab support allow for individual smooth height regulation from 35 to 55 mm. Spacers provide for a regular joint pattern. Differences in slope > 20 mm between paving slab and waterproofing can be compensated by using shims.
alwitra paving slab supports form part of a comprehensive system for smart roof waterproofing solutions.

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