Profile werden in der neuen Pulverkabine beschichtet

New, worldwide unique powder coating line

Finishing and coating of aluminium profiles

alwitra is the only flat roof waterproofing manufacturer to offer you both production and coating/finishing of aluminium profiles from a single source. The state-of-the-art high-tech line has been exclusively designed and manufactured to the specifications and requirements of alwitra by Rippert Anlagentechnik GmbH.

This cutting-edge, highly automated high-tech line does not only represent the latest in technology, but, indeed, is even ahead of its time, as we want to be ready for your future requirements already today.

New, worldwide unique coating line
New, worldwide unique coating line

Optimising workflows in all production areas will give us the opportunity to double our production capacities and to ensure delivery times in line with the market.

A new dimension in flat roof design

Take a virtual tour of the line with 360° views and videos (texts in German language only).

Vorschaubild des 360°-Tour

Portrait of Joachim GussnerAccording to company owner Joachim Gussner, this will guarantee sustainable quality of the aluminium profile product range as well as optimised technological processes: "We will double our coating and finishing capacities for our aluminium profiles. This is not an off-the-peg processing line. Indeed, the concept had to be specifically designed for our aluminium products, which are not mass products, but, generally, individual solutions."

The new high tech line adds colour to the profile. "We are integrating our five decades of experience as a manufacturer of roof edge profiles with the technology of tomorrow. This project reinforces our expertise in individual concepts, aesthetics and design of roof edge profiles. Furthermore, it has the potential of becoming a trendsetter for the entire flat roof market."

Powder coating - what is it, actually?

Powder coating means that an electrically conductive material is covered in a powdered coating. The electrostatically charged colour powder is sprayed on the surface to be coated and then baked on in a curing oven at high temperatures.

By using different surfaces (smooth, fine or coarse textured) and corresponding pigments, practically any surface effects are possible. The ecological surface coating features very effective corrosion protection, high impact, scratch and abrasion resistance as well as immediate toughness after cooling down.

Image gallery: the new cutting-edge, highly automated high-tech line of alwitra