Wall capping profile of alwitra

Wall capping profiles

Wall capping profiles, in particular, with a coloured coating, contribute to the overall architectural impression of a façade. In addition, they also form part of the roof waterproofing.

alwitra wall capping profiles:

alwitra wall capping profiles

  • industrially produced ready-to-install profile series (MAG, MAK) for all types of roof waterproofing (synthetic membranes or bituminous sheets)
  • made of aluminium, lightweight and noncorrosive, recyclable, with synthetic coating, if required
  • compliant with standards and directives
  • for straight or crescent-shaped roof edges with upstands (parapet)
  • with not accentuated rain-proof joints
  • ready-to-install external/internal corners and other preformed details
  • for simple and time-saving installation

alwitra wall capping profiles form part of a comprehensive system for smart roof waterproofing solutions.

Wall capping profile MAG

  • one-piece bent aluminium profile
  • front face heights: 75, 100, 125, 150 mm
  • back face heights: 60, 100, 125, 150 mm
  • variable crown width
  • with front face upstand (MAG-6)
  • without front face upstand (MAG-4)

Wall capping profile MAK

  • one-piece bent aluminium profile
  • variable front face height from 75 to 300 mm
  • variable crown width
  • back face height 40 or 47 mm
  • with or without front face upstand

Wall capping profile MAK-B

  • one-piece bent aluminium profile
  • front face heights:
    • MAK-5: 60, 100, 125, 150 mm
    • MAK-5.1: 47 mm
    • MAK-5.2: 40 mm
  • variable crown width

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