alwitra DayLuxe window

alwitra DayLuxe window

alwitra daylight systems

The flat roof window alwitra DayLuxe window is the high performance combination of flat roof window and rooflight.

alwitra DayLuxe window:
The high performance combination of flat roof window and rooflight

The high-quality flat roof alwitra DayLuxe window is another component of the alwitra daylight system. Instead of the standard vent frame, it features a high-performance multi-cell frame with a laminated safety glass pane (HR++).

alwitra DayLuxe window
alwitra DayLuxe window

In combination with an alwitra upstand and an alwitra rooflight, you get a flat roof window, absolutely suitable for living spaces, with optimum characteristics:

  • Compatible with all alwitra rooflights
  • Compatible with all alwitra upstands
  • Thermal insulation (U value: 0.95 [W/m²K] or better)
  • Airborne sound insulation Rw = 40 dB (for 1S)
  • Fall-through resistance 1200 J
  • Available as fixed or ventilated version


Versions of the alwitra DayLuxe window

Two versions of alwitra DayLuxe windows are available:


alwitra Dayluxe window fixed version
Bright perspectives: the alwitra DayLuxe window

The fixed version has a concealed latch in the frame. This ensures easy installation on a standard upstand with fittings practically invisible from the inside.  Due to special inner reinforcements, to a certain extent, hand spindle or motor actuators from the alwitra product range can be (retro)-fitted.

alwitra DayLuxe window ventilated version
alwitra DayLuxe window with concealed chain actuator

The ventilated version has a chain actuator concealed in the frame of the alwitra DayLuxe window, which - "invisibly" installed in the frame construction - ensures daily ventilation. Thus, the ventilated version of the alwitra DayLuxe window can be installed on all alwitra upstands without any major modifications. A remote control is included.

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