alwitra daylight systems

alwitra upstands are suitable for new build and refurbishment. The extruded polyvinyl chloride profiles with an impact-proof frame feature an innovative cellular system optimising the thermal insulation of the profile.

Without any additional measures alwitra upstands ensure excellent thermal insulation up to every corner:

  • U-value: 1.0 W/m²K according to EN 12567-2
  • white inner side, smooth or lightly textured PVC
  • CE marking in connection with alwitra rooflights according to DIN EN 1873
alwitra upstands facilitate flat roof work
alwitra upstands facilitate flat roof work

EVALON® and EVALASTIC® collars for perfect and fast waterproofing

alwitra upstands are optionally available with factory-fitted EVALON® or EVALASTIC® collars. With this collar a tight and homogeneous flashing against the roofing membrane can be achieved far quicker than with manual flashing:

  • completely pre-assembled at the factory
  • full-size adhesive bond of the flashing collar on the upstand
  • material thickness of the sealing layer: 1.5 mm
  • available in any roofing membrane colour
  • professional top fixing of the flashing sheet with a screw-fastened aluminium trim profile
  • direct welding of the collar to the membrane; no additional roofing material (e. g. flashing sheet) required
  • minimum installation time
  • relatively low additional costs
alwitra upstand 1600
alwitra upstand 1600
alwitra upstand 1620
alwitra upstand 1620
alwitra upstand 3020
alwitra upstand 3020



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