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An investment that pays off

Industrial roof

Where flat roofs are protecting valuable goods, outstanding reliability and investment protection is of the essence. The alwitra roofing systems provide all the necessary components for a long-term reliable roof waterproofing including fire and weather protection, as well as some interesting co-benefits through photovoltaic installations. Early detailed and integrated planning for long-term cost-effectiveness and minimum follow-up costs. Just call!

Commercially thinking investors will choose alwitra.

Your alwitra advantages:

  • expert consultation for selecting construction and material
  • detailed planning considering the individual requiremement profile of the object
  • quick, easy and cost-effective installation with EVALON® and EVALASTIC®
  • long-term reliability due to homogeneous material welding of the waterproofing membranes
  • low weight due to single-ply waterproofing
  • white flat roof for summer heat protection
  • safe maintenance walkways due to special inspection walkway tiles
  • interesting co-benefits from green roofs or solar installations
  • sorted removal depending on the roof build-up