15 Forming of EVALASTIC® coated metal sheets

EVALASTIC® coated metal sheets:

  • steel sheets, 0.6 mm thick, galvanised
  • coated with a light-grey protective lacquer (10 μm thick) on the back side
  • laminated on the top side with 0.6 mm EVALASTIC®
  • sheets (1 m x 2 m)
  • overall thickness 1.2 mm

Coated metal sheets are packed in the factory and transported on pallets. They must be stored horizontally on a dry and plain area.

The forming (cutting, bending) of coated metal sheets should be done at room temperature (approx. 18 °C).

15.1 Cutting

The coated metal sheets should be cut with sharp tools with the protective lacquer coating up. This makes a deburring of the sheets unnecessary. The cutting clearance should be 0.03 mm to 0.04 mm.

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15.2 Bending

EVALASTIC® coated metal sheets can be bent on any standard bending machine. The bending radius should be 1.2 mm – 1.8 mm.
Attention! Ensure that the EVALASTIC® coating is in the correct position.

Coated metal angles for valleys are to be bent with an angle which is approx. 10° – 15° wider than the required angle. This will guarantee that the coated metal angles will fit closely to the substrate when fastened.

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With coated metal strips the same effect will be reached by reverse bending.

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