9 Installing maintenance walkways on the roof waterproofing

EVALASTIC® waterproofing membranes have a smooth surface to ensure fast drainage of rainwater and washing away of pollutants. If maintenance walkways are necessary on non-used roofs without ballast, they can be carried out by installing EVALASTIC® maintenance walkway tiles (800 x 600 x 9 mm). The textured surface provides a strong grip, even on sloped and wet areas. Moreover, the maintenance walkway tiles also provide for load distribution. Shifting of the maintenance walkway tiles even with increased wind loads is prevented by hot air welding the tiles to the EVALASTIC® waterproofing membranes.

Product design / dimensions:

SubstrateSurface conditionalwitra primer SK / SK-L
Bituminous feltPE foil / fleeceyes 1
Bituminous feltfine sand coating / talcum coatingyes
Bituminous feltgrit or fine slate coatingyes
Existing bitumenweathered, dirtyyes
Synthetic membranesweatheredno 2
Concreteslightly moist to dry, smoothed
and well-cleaned, free from gravel
clusters, burrs and sharp edges
Steel / zinc sheetsdegreasedyes 2
1 shortly torch with propane until the surface shows through in dark may be

2 necessary depending on the type of material, to be tested in individual cases;
generally, consultations with the alwitra Technical Department are obligatory.


The maintenance walkway tiles are welded to clean and dry roof areas covered with fleece-backed EVALASTIC® waterproofing membranes by hot air only (e. g. hot-air welding machine). It is recommended to install the tiles with a joint spacing of approx. 50 mm. On older and soiled roof surfaces the welding areas must be cleaned thoroughly with alwitra membrane cleaner. No additional fixing measures required.

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