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This installation manual contains basic rules and serves as a guideline for roof waterproofing with EVALON® waterproofing membranes for new building and refurbishment. They are the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for roofers and construction site managers. They are the result of decades of practical experience in the laying of alwitra waterproofing  membranes on millions of square metres of roof areas.

Adherence to the relevant technical rules, as published in standards and regulations, as well as to the workers protection and safety regulations is obligatory.

The handling instructions and notes on container labels and safety data sheets for alwitra adhesives and auxiliary materials are to be observed.

Drawings included in these instructions are not true to scale and are schematic.

As of April2016 1
Technical changes reserved


1 This manual replaces all former alwitra installation manuals for EVALON® waterproofing membranes.