3 Packing, transportation, storage and disposal

3.1 Packaging, transportation and storage of the waterproofing membranes and the auxiliary materials

At the factory, the waterproofing membrane rolls are individually wrapped and laid horizontally on pallets of up to 15 units, for transportation.

After long-term storage, small buckles may show at the roof sealing after laying. 2

The membrane rolls must be stored horizontally on a dry and plain area. They must be stored in a weather-sheltered area, or covered with tarpaulin. Moisture on the membranes may impair weldability.

Fully loaded pallets have a weight of 470 kg to 1,500 kg. Temporary storage on roofs should be in rolls and with an even spread over the roof deck, on lightweight steel decking only in bearing areas.

Kapitel 3.1

The auxiliary materials are packed weather-proof in synthetic/tin containers, hobbocks or cans. Please note the storage conditions and shelf life warnings on the container labels! Materials from open containers can be processed only for a short time.

2 See also 4.1 Tips for Installation.

3.2 Disposal of construction site waste and packaging material

The EVALON® waterproofing membranes have also been designed to avoid waste. When installing them, there does not have to be unnecessary extra material. Construction site waste 3 does not need special monitoring.

3 Construction site waste (waste materials classification 17 09 04) are in the form of mixed residuary building materials. This includes waterproofing membranes, membrane tapes and old waterproofing membranes (the corresponding national regulations apply).