8 Temporary securing of the edge for work breaks

Edges of roof sealing sections have to be secured against water ingress or wind uplift during work breaks, or at the end of the working day, until the work is resumed. This should be considered when determining the laying order.

On bituminous substrates (vapour control layers, existing roof sealings) securing of the edge can be done by bonding (e. g. EVALON® VSKA, if necessary, with alwitra primer SK or SK-L) along the edge and with ballast (e. g. waterproofing membrane rolls on timber planks) on the waterproofing membrane. The bonding does not need to be removed when resuming the work and may serve as an insulation of individual roof areas.

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On substrates such as vapour barriers consisting of foils on which bonding is not permissible, the temporary securing of the edge can be done with a folded-back membrane tape and additional ballast.

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