9 Installing maintenance walkways on the roof sealing

EVALON® waterproofing membranes have a smooth surface to ensure fast drainage of rainwater and washing away of pollutants. If maintenance walkways are necessary on non-used roofs without ballast, they can be carried out by installing EVALON® maintenance walkway tiles (800 x 600 x 9 mm). The textured surface provides a strong grip, even on sloped and wet areas.

The dark grey maintenance walkway tiles are bonded with alwitra EVATACK.

BasePSA adhesive bitumen-free, solvent-free
Installation temperaturefrom +5 °C to +40 °C
Storagein a dry, cool and dark place
Shelf life12 months


The maintenance walkway tiles are bonded with alwitra EVATACK to clean and dry fleece backed EVALON® waterproofing membranes. Soiled bonding areas must be cleaned thoroughly with alwitra membrane cleaner. No additional fixing measures required.

Stable, system-compatible bonding of EVALON® maintenance walkway tiles to EVALON® waterproofing membranes must only be carried out with alwitra EVATACK adhesive and sealant.

Other fixing methods such as hot air or solvent welding are not permitted.

Area of application:

For application of alwitra EVATACK, any standard caulking gun can be used.

An adhesive bead (approx. 10 mm wide) is applied to the lower side all around the maintenance walkway tile close to the edges. Then the tiles are put in place, aligned and slightly pressed on.

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It is recommended to install the tiles with a joint spacing of more than 50 mm. alwitra EVATACK may be visible at some parts along the edges. One cartridge will bond approx. 3 maintenance walkway tiles.

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