Daylight systems for flat roofs

Natural light all over the place

Daylight is the visible portion of sunlight (wavelength between 380 nm and 780 nm) verified to have a positive impact on our well-being. And the best about it: in Germany, sufficient daylight is available between 8 am and 5 pm in 85% of all days. The alwitra daylight systems for flat roofs provide ample and pleasant lighting combined with excellent thermal insulation.

Light is playing an ever-increasing role in modern architecture, forming part of the design and aesthetics of a building. No wonder, since humans are visually oriented: about 80% of all our sensory impressions are purely visual. The sense of sight needs a lot of energy: we utilise 25% of our energy resources for it, 80% of our nerves are engaged with processing visual stimuli.

alwitra DayLuxe window
alwitra DayLuxe window

However, bringing in enough daylight exclusively through windows is possible only at a relatively small room depth. Rooflights and flat roof windows installed at any distance from the exterior wall ensure uniform glare-free lighting of the room. Bright zenith light is directed into the room, facilitating well-being and performance. This provides for sufficient and uniform lighting which also makes sense economically: just by reducing power consumption for artificial lighting capital costs will pay off within a few years. In general, several smaller light openings will be more efficient than a few large ones.

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