alwitra. Competence in brief.

The flat roof today: a versatile element of modern architecture offering far more than just protection against wind and weather. Near-natural designing of green roofs is certainly possible, as is particularly efficient solar power generation. A development in which alwitra has been playing a significant role for over 50 years.

alwitra. You can rely on it.

The alwitra flat roof systems have become the basis for a unique range of products and services: we are the only manufacturer to provide all waterproofing components by way of an integrated system solution from a single source. By developing our superior waterproofing membranes EVALON® and EVALASTIC® we have redefined the concept of durability and flexibility.

EVALON® Solar, the world’s first waterproofing membrane with integrated flexible photovoltaic modules, is the result of proprietary research and development, for ecologically sound and economically efficient power generation.

Making one’s choice in favour of alwitra flat roof systems is not a question of location, but of position. As there is great global demand for high-quality innovative all-in solutions combined with perfect services and genuine customer focus. Numerous projects in all climate zones in the world have been given proof of this for many years.