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alwitra refurbishment rainwater outlets

Using the custom-fit refurbishment plate (DN 125 made of PP, DN 100 and DN 70 made of aluminium), which is flashed against the existing waterproofing without back flow, reliable installation of the refurbishment element is guaranteed. Flashing against the new waterproofing is carried out either with flashing collar and screw ring (refurbishment rainwater outlet 125) […]

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Flat roof vents

New: alwitra vent stackWastewater downpipes in the building serving as vent lines must protrude over the roof. The alwitra vent stack forms the upper end of vent lines protruding over low slope roofs with waterproofing of any constructional type up to DN 125 (OD 125).The vent stack consisting of one single pipe extends over the […]

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