Towards the digital future of construction with alwitra

BIM - better informed with alwitra

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is considered one of the trendsetting working techniques for architects and designers. By providing connected information, BIM facilitates project control as well as cooperation between all those involved with design, construction and operation. For this next big step into the digital future of construction, alwitra provides new and unique tools on its new website.

In the section Service+Tools, the flat roof pioneer alwitra now lists all digital tools for architects and designers. This includes proven resources like the Technical flat roof details, Specification clauses, Data survey forms, Installation manuals, Videos, App and Newsletter. However, knowing alwitra, there are still some more innovative applications. Besides the very popular digital services, the leader in innovations offers a completely new unique tool – the Product Configurator. You can configure any product of the alwitra range exactly to your individual needs and then download the 3D data sheet. By using the open IFC configuration standard, architects and designers are provided with individually definable data sets, which, of course, can be imported into the corresponding CAD system.

alwitra digital service
On its new website, alwitra now lists all its digital tools in section Service+Tools.

With this innovative tool, alwitra offers architects and designers BIM compatible product data for digital design and construction. Due to the intuitive user interface, the Product Configurator is designed for quick and easy use. Furthermore, via direct link to the comprehensive alwitra product database, the Configurator will be always up to date. Just like all the other alwitra digital services, of course, you can access and use this tool free of charge.

The exclusive tools developed by alwitra specialists, which are available in the password-protected section for registered users only, provide even more advanced functionality. Using the System Configurator, it just takes three steps to make up a roof build-up compliant to industry standards, including the complete layer build-up, a comprehensive construction documentation, a 3D PDF data sheet as well as the direct import of the data into the corporate CAD system.

alwitra will continue to expand its comprehensive Service+Tools section in order to provide individual and quick support to architects and designers. Therefore, the functionality of all new and upcoming alwitra tools will go far beyond “BIM”. Eventually, we want to provide architects and designers with individually configurable digital data for the flat roof and offer them adequate solutions on their way into the digital future of construction.